This new feature allows you to have a general documents overview of the access rights of users and teams (ACL, or Access Control Level), to start :

  1. You are in the "Documents" section

2. Click on the Burger menu

3. Click on " Access Overview ".

On the left side " A ": You can scroll down the tree of your documents,

On the right side " B ": You can see the access rights of each user and team for each folder in the tree,

A : The document tree

1.Scroll down - Collapse the tree

2. Folders with their own access control and those that inherit it.

3. Link to the folder

B : User / team access rights

4. The user or team,

5. The access right of the user according to the tree structure,

6. By clicking on the menu of the user/group, you can view the team to which the user is a member.

Ps: Orange users are administrators

In this way, you have a global view of the access rights of each folder and each user and group, you also have the possibility to :

7. Customize the columns of your table,

8. Search for your folder on the search bar,

9. Filter the folders with their own access control and those that inherit it,

10. Export to Excel.

By customizing your table, you can activate/deactivate users or/and teams, change the display order of users and teams...

Short video :

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