You can now customise your issues by adding text fields, numbers, lists of values...

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You are in the "Settings" section.

  2. Click on "Custom fields".

3. Click on "New Custom Field".

A new window opens to complete the field to be added:

A. The name of the field

B. The type: text, integer, decimal, list of values

C. Description

Don't forget to save your field by clicking on "submit".

Your added fields are in the list of custom fields.

If you add a "dropdown" field, you will need to add the values from your list afterwards.

Click on your "dropdown" field type

4. Click on "Add an option".

5. The name of your value

6. Validate with this button chekcpoint

7. You also have the possibility to add several fields to your list of values by clicking on "add multiple options".

8. Specify a separator, in this example "-".

9. Enter the values to be added

Values are added!

Once you have added all the fields you can then customise your issues,

👉 How do I add custom fields to my topics?

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