BCF from Archicad to Bimsync

In Archicad select the markup tool to create a BCF. Here you can highlight the related element and attach different views to the BCF etc.

Export the selected markup entries as a bcfzip file.

Go to issues and exchange issues to upload the BCF. Import BCF and select the saved BCF from Archicad.

The BCF is now loaded into the issues section.

You can then go and change the different settings inside the issue by clicking on it.

BCF from Bimsync to Archicad

Filter out the issue you want to get.

Export the filtered issue.

Download the selected BFC. The file will come out as a bcfzip file.

Go to the markup tool in Archicad and import the BCF via the import markup entries.

The selected BCF comes up in markup tool bar.

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