The “IFC tree”

button has to be activated to see the tree structures for the IFC models. This structure is imported from the IFC file. The tree structures shows us where a selected object belongs in the model.

There are 5 different tree structures:

The containment tree provides a hierarchical perspective on how the different IFC objects relate to each other.

The component tree provides a hierarchical perspective on the components that make up an object.

The type tree shows all the objects sorted by their type.

The layer tree provides a hierarchical view of the layers in the model.

The system tree provides a view of the systems in the model.

Note that the object selected in the tree and in the model are in sync. If you click on a window in the 3D mode, it is selected in the tree. And vice versa. You can also double-click on a “leaf” in the model and make the 3D camera move to that object.

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