Creating a new issue can be done from the issues-screen, or from the dashboard issue viewer. To create a new issue click the “New issue” button on the top right of the screen. This will open the New issue window.

  1. Enter the title/subject and use the textbox for comments to provide further details.

    Fill out the drop down menus:
    a. Issue board: There will be different issue board list to choose from and they will differ from project to project.
    b. Status: You can choose between open or closed. Normally you choose open when you are creating a new issue.
    c. Type: Here you choose the type of issue you are creating. The types you can choose between are Error, Warning, Info and Unknown. These are the default ones, you can also create your own types.
    d. Requested by: Here you normally set yourself as requester, but you can choose any member here.
    e. Assigned to: Here you can assign the issue to a specific member or a team. You can also choose member@team. If you know who will be responsible for it.
    f. Due date: If you know set a due date or leave it blank.
    g. Milestone: Pin it to a milestone or leave it blank.

  2. Add 2D marker

  3. Add relevant labels for the issue.

  4. Add a description for the issue. Tag people that should be included in the discussion with @. In the toolbar below you have some different options, for example: Check lists in issues

  5. By clicking on the add button, you can add a 2D/3D snapshot or picture from your hard drive.

    The 2D/3D snapshot comes from the latest camera angle in the 3D/2D viewer. By opening the 3D button in navigation viewer. You can navigate your way through the model to the issue in question and pressing the add button choosing the 2D/3D snapshot and then the snapshot will appear.

  6. If you left click on the snapshot you have taken, you have the option to add annotations to the image. Under the image a toolbar will appear with the tools to draw the specific point of the issue in more detail.

  7. The text box besides the add button is to write a comment, mention people be typing @name or link to other issues by typing #link.

  8. Add related documents to the issue.

  9. When you have chosen all the relevant info for the issue press submit in the bottom right.

Note: If you are on a mobile unit you can either use a stored picture or take a new one with the built-in camera. All screens are dynamic (“responsive”) and adapt to the screen size of the unit you are using.

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